Our integrative and holistic approach

The B-MediC clinic was founded in 2017 by Dr Pauline BURGENER, doctor in biology and founder of the exclusive cosmetic brand Dr Burgener, and Dr Nicolas CHAMI, FMH specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Their long years of expertise have enabled them to bring together specialists in dermatology and anti-ageing and regenerative medicine in order to offer a concept that includes comprehensive care in the field of beauty, well-being and anti-ageing.

B-MediC is at the crossroads of preventive and regenerative medicine, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and the latest generation of face and body care, using the most innovative and effective techniques.

Our specialised and highly qualified team consists of doctors, surgeons, therapists, beauticians, nutritionists, osteopaths and personal trainers.

Our method combines the latest findings in preventive and anti-aging medicine with the most effective natural therapies to slow down aging and strengthen the immune system. By stimulating the natural processes, metabolic systems and energy channels adapted to the specific needs of each individual, we can live in top form for as long as possible.