Sport & Wellness

Exercise helps to reduce stress, boost cognitive and mental abilities, and prevent age-related loss of strength and muscle power. The fitness area of our clinic has a gym equipped with the latest equipment such as the Hubert 360° LPG and the Iyashi Dome Japanese detox sauna.


Genetic, climatic and environmental factors have a major influence on our health and well-being. Pollution, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress lead to the production of toxins and free radicals that cause the body’s altered functions. This leads to an imbalance that can cause disease and premature aging.

However, we can reduce our biological age by acting preventively on these elements by combining the latest discoveries in preventive and anti-aging medicine with the most effective natural therapies, exercise and a balanced diet.

All our programs can integrate a medical approach (consultations, diagnosis, analyses, prescriptions and follow-up).