This program can be adapted according to the consultation with Dr Pauline Burgener.

Objectives: To optimize the general state of health. Filling trace element deficiencies and reducing the amount of toxic or heavy metals in the body. Delay the signs of aging to live longer in better shape.

Course of the program:

– Nutritional assessment

– balance of trace elements

– Fitness & Metabolism assessment

– medical check-up if necessary

Duration: 3-6 weeks

– Consultation and personalization of the program with Dr Pauline Burgener (60 min)

– Analysis of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals – Results after 10 days. Personalized nutritional supplements.

– Body composition assessment with a nutritionist and nutritional plan (60 min)

– Haute Couture Care

– Personalized facial (90 min)

– Personalized body care (60 min)

– 3 sessions of Iyashi Dome – Japanese sauna (45 min)

– 3 LPG sessions (45 min)

– A box of Skin Gold nutritional supplements and a 50 ml Royal Jelly Mask offered


Consultation and medical follow-up if necessary (online) CHF 250.00

Consultation and medical follow-up if necessary (on site) CHF 500.00