“Stress, daily automation, a fast and unbalanced diet, pollution, the race to perform, negative emotions, self-control in all circumstances, jet lag… force us to ask our body to provide a great energy.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese “Suna Ryoho” cures, I developed the Iyashi Dome Japanese sauna in order to give everyone access to effective deep detox treatments… ” Shogoro Uemura, Founder of Iyashi Dome

The founder of Iyashi Dome is Shogoro Uemura, a Japanese businessman who developed the concept and technology of the device. Mr. Uemura has been involved in the wellness industry for many years, and his passion for promoting health and wellness led him to create the Iyashi Dome. He has since become a recognized leader in the wellness industry and has been instrumental in bringing the benefits of Iyashi Dome to people around the world.

The Iyashi Dome infrared therapy is a safe, gentle and powerful Japanese-inspired technique that uses long infrared rays to allow the body to rise in temperature (1 to 2°C) and thus act on detox, slimming, sleep, skin aging, muscle preparation and recovery as well as well-being. It works by emitting far infrared rays, which penetrate deeply into the body, promoting increased blood flow, sweating and the release of toxins.

Several clinical studies have been done to measure the benefits. For example, a 30 minute session of Iyashi Dome is equivalent to a 20kms run, and an elimination of about 1200 milliliters of sweat and 600kCal!

Discover the clinical studies here

  • 1 session (30 min) CHF 110.00
  • 10 sessions (including 1 free) CHF 990.00

Il s’adresse aux femmes et aux hommes désireux de détoxiner leur organisme efficacement, de mincir, de régénérer leurs cellules, d’aider au rajeunissement cutané et pour leur préparation et récupération sportive.


CHF 110.00