The Fotona laser is the amplification of light by emission for dermatological purposes.

The fotona is used for:

  • treat facial wrinkles, especially in the perioral area (around the lips),
  • to give a glow to the texture of the skin
  • firm the skin by stimulating collagen
  • treat pigmented spots
  • treat acne scars

Before the treatment, a skin preparation (60-minute facial Dr. Burgener Switzerland) is useful to optimize the results.

Application of an anesthetic cream 30 minutes before the treatment.

The treatment time is one hour for the entire face.

It is recommended to apply a Dr. Burgener Switzerland moisturizer in the days following the treatment.

Depends on the desired objective. Usually one session is sufficient, but in some circumstances, it is recommended to repeat a session one month later.

Do not have active acne or skin lesions on the area.

From CHF 800 per zone.


CHF 800.00