Peeling is a dermatological treatment to erase fine lines and pigmented spots on the face and hands. There are different types of acid-based peels (glycolic acids, fruit acids, trichloroacetic acid at different concentrations).

Treatment for fine facial wrinkles, pigmented spots on the face and hands, and shallow scars.

A uniform application of the product on the skin will cause a superficial desquamation which will restore a beautiful glare to the skin. The treatment requires 4 to 5 sessions depending on the thickness of the skin, the spots, etc…

Each session is spaced 10 days apart to allow the skin to regain its texture.

A slight redness may appear after the session but this will fade after 3-4 days. It is essential to protect yourself from the sun.

Peels cannot be applied during the summer.

After a complete treatment (at least 5 sessions), the effects will last at least one year.

Allergies, hypersensitivity. It is recommended to protect the skin with an SPF in the days following the treatment.

From CHF 300 depending on the zone.