Endermologie using the patented LPG® technique allows for real skin gymnastics in the fatty tissue: this gymnastics stimulates the elimination of toxins and the vascularization of the tissues, resulting in a rapid reduction in the volume of fat cells and cellulite. It is therefore a real remodeling of the silhouette without surgery.

Endermologie® body reactivates the body’s elimination functions, drains toxins and stimulates circulatory exchanges, while relieving the symptoms of water retention to regain lightness and well-being.
By stimulating the skin with the patented Alliance® treatment head, the endermologie® technique naturally and gently stimulates venous (x4*) and lymphatic (x3*) circulation with a treatment time that is 33% shorter than manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).

It is possible to subscribe to a 9-session LPG body treatment with a free session. Total price of CHF 1’350.00


CHF 150.00