This consists of reshaping the silhouette of patients who have undergone significant weight loss following a “bypass” operation or by narrowing the stomach (gastric ring, banding). It includes body lift techniques with thigh, arm and hip lifts… coupled with breast or abdominal surgery. These procedures are performed in a hospital setting and require a hospital stay of several days.

The best indication for a body lift is the existence of a fatty skin bulge under the breast associated with back bulges. In this configuration, a liposuction does not allow to reabsorb the bulge because there is a skin excess. The skin must be removed to be able to tighten it.

The body lift concerns both men and women.
It is possible to combine a surgical procedure on the chest (breast reduction or breast lift for women, gynecomastia treatment for men).

The weight must be reasonable (body mass index less than 30) and stable to be able to consider an upper body lift post bariatric. If you have had a bypass, you will need to be checked for vitamin and iron deficiencies, and treated if necessary.

If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking at least one month before the surgery.
It will be necessary to avoid taking any treatment that may thin the blood (aspirin) in the week preceding the operation.

If you are taking an anticoagulant treatment, it will be necessary to consider replacing it with injections.

The effects of this surgery are forever.