Sometimes, as time goes by, we recognize ourselves less and less in the mirror. Furrows, wrinkles, thinning lips and loss of volume are changing our face. However, simple answers exist to correct these alterations or to resolve an older complex. The injection of hyaluronic acid is a recognized solution in aesthetic medicine. If you are looking to add volume, correct scars, or fight the signs of aging, this method provides excellent results immediately and without social eviction when performed by a specialized physician.

Injection of hyaluronic acid-based filling products for the treatment of wrinkles, specific areas such as lips or dark circles for example. The products will also help to restore volume to the face and improve the quality of your skin.

Women and men concerned by the loss of thickness and elasticity of their skin, which forms wrinkles and fine lines. The contours are modified mainly by the fall of different structures, including the skin and subcutaneous tissue, called tissue ptosis. Another important element concerning the modification of the contours is a loss of volume of the tissues, called atrophy, especially at the level of the subcutaneous tissue and also at the level of the bones.

The injection is done by needle or cannula: Teosyal (Swiss product), Restylane (Swedish product), Filmed (French product) with local anesthesia. There is a possibility of temporary bruising but no period of social eviction. Possible locations are the lips, the nasolabial fold, the bitterness folds, the cheekbones, the chin.

Average duration of 8 months.

The consultation and the injection take place in one go.

Do not be on anti-coagulant medication, no inflammation or lesions on the face.

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