They are indicated for patients whose facial skin has sagged and who do not want to undergo more extensive surgery.

Although we cannot speak of a real facelift when it comes to tensor threads, we can recommend them to plump up the malar region, the lower face and tighten the neck.

It consists of placing absorbable sutures made up of a series of cones that will bind the subcutaneous tissue.

The procedure is completely painless, is performed in the office and requires only a slight anesthetic at the entry and exit points of the wire. The expected effect lasts for an average of 18 months.

No social eviction.

SOFT LIFT is the new non-surgical facelift that fights the effects of aging and sagging skin. It allows to redraw the curve of the face. It is a solution that offers immediate, natural and scar-free results. It can be a step before a more invasive surgery.

The soft lift is a gentler alternative to the facelift. It is intended for men and women between the ages of thirty and fifty, whose tissues are slightly sagging and who want a natural rejuvenation, without surgery.

Under local anesthesia, introduction of tensor threads of different calibers to correct facial sagging and neck rejuvenation, without incision. The 100% resolvable notched sutures will stimulate collagen and put tension on the tissues that have become slack with age. Non-invasive method. No social eviction period.

From 12 to 18 months.

During the first consultation, the surgeon will explain the modalities and will organize a second visit.

Presence of excema or skin lesions on the face.

From CHF 1’500.00